The Balkans

Where East meets West

Epic scenery is a short ride from anywhere in the Balkans. You have to really be trying to get bored here. 
Fantastic rides in any direction, amazing food, great places to stay, hospitable people. There isn't another place on earth where the ancient, traditional and modern meet to compare the scars communism left them with.

And for the rider... oh my... Gigantic mountains, jagged coastline - crossed with every kind of corner there is, be it smooth open tarmac, tight technical stuff or gravel. Rent a motorcycle and explore it - it really is Europe's last secret

Image by Chris Karidis
Image by David Burner
Image by Gaetano Cessati
Image by Dan Russo
Image by Jason Blackeye
Image by Jason Blackeye
Image by Milana Jovanov
Image by Antonio Janeski
Image by Kristijan Arsov
Image by Kristijan Arsov
Image by Wladislaw Peljuchno
Image by Dejan Zakic
Image by Alexey Malakhov
Image by Dejan Zakic
Image by Damien Checoury
Image by Pascal Habermann
Image by Morgan
Image by Taneli Lahtinen
Image by Victoria Kure-Wu
Image by Mr. Söbau
Image by Livin4wheel
Image by Panini Ridichio
Image by Catalin Pateo
Image by Jaromír Kavan
Image by Takefreebies
Image by Valentin Sirbu
Image by Antoine Similon